July 18 – 23 , 2010, Dagstuhl Seminar 10292

Resilience Assessment and Evaluation


Alberto Avritzer (Siemens – Princeton, US)
Aad van Moorsel (University of Newcastle, GB)
Katinka Wolter (FU Berlin, DE)

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Resilience of computing systems includes their dependability as well as their fault-tolerance and security. Resilience defines the ability of a computing system to perform proper service in the presence of all kinds of disturbances and to recover from any service degradation. These properties are immensely important in a world where many aspects of daily life depend on the correct, reliable and secure operation of computing systems. Considered systems include, but are not limited to, infrastructures, computer networks, including adhoc and mesh networks, web-based systems, or service-oriented architectures, embedded systems, manufacturing systems, control systems and more.

Much work has been done already on modelling, measuring and evaluating performance and dependability of systems but a lot remains to be done. The combination of performance and dependability, performability, has been widely studied. But aspect such as benchmarking performability, or the combination of security and performance are still ongoing work. Similarly, systems to be studied change over time, as do their characteristics. This creates the need to continue and expand work in this area.

The workshop has addressed methods and tools to describe, measure, evaluate, benchmark, guarantee and improve resilience as well as case-studies and experimental work concerning resilience of computing systems. We have aimed at collecting existing work into a monograph with profound investigation of the subject as well as discuss open problems and research directions for the future.


  • Modelling
  • Simulation
  • Benchmarking
  • Performance
  • Dependability
  • Security


  • Modelling formalisms
  • Algorithms
  • Simulation tools
  • Case studies
  • Benchmarks


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