January 27 – 30 , 2009, Dagstuhl Seminar 09052

Management of the Future Internet


Olivier Festor (INRIA – Nancy Grand Est, FR)
Aiko Pras (University of Twente, NL)
Burkhard Stiller (Universität Zürich, CH)

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The goal of this Dagstuhl Seminar on “Management of the Future Internet” was to discuss the development of the provisioning of high quality Future Internet services to everybody by means of modern Network Management methods. This was achieved in an effective manner, since the discussion and presentation of adequate management aspects capable of configuring, monitoring, and controlling the Future Internet services delivered was performed. Such a management plane has been the focus of research and development in the context of traditional data and voice networks. And it was shown that the development of tomorrow’s Future Internet — providing integrated voice and data services over multiple access networks — puts new major challenges to this area in terms of scalability, dynamicity, security, and automation.

Within the “Management of the Future Internet” Dagstuhl Seminar, the functionality of existing work on management of the Internet technology, traditional management approaches, and economic management approaches, especially with respect to its capabilities to allow for an integrated approach of design and deployment of future networks that incorporate new services, have been considered.

More specifically, the following areas of interest have been partially addressed:

  • Management Mechanisms for the Future Internet
  • Fault, Configuration, and Security Operation in the Future Internet
  • Intra and Inter-Domain Autonomic Management in the Future Internet
  • Economic Network and Service Management in the Future Internet
  • Commercial operator-oriented mechanisms (Traffic Management)


  • Networks
  • Web / Internet


  • Networks
  • Future Internet
  • Network Management


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