January 20 – 23 , 2008, Dagstuhl Perspectives Workshop 08042

Theory and Practice of Argumentation Systems


Jürgen Dix (TU Clausthal, DE)
Simon Parsons (Brooklyn College, US)
Henry Prakken (Utrecht University, NL)
Guillermo R. Simari (National University of the South – Bahía Blanca, AR)

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We believe that argumentation systems are at a point where they can be of practical use and industrial importance. Whereas once argumentation systems only existed as theoretical models, there are now a number of software implementations which make it practical to build software systems that have argumentation at their core.

The motivation for this seminar is to bring together researchers and developers involved in Argumentation Systems and related areas who have been producing significant contributions towards the progress in theoretical and pragmatic aspects of this form of reasoning.

While the field is now burgeoning, we feel that it is time to consider the directions in which fundamental and applied research in argumentation should go in the next ten years. We will also establish an outline of a roadmap, and provide the basic material from which a detailed document can be developed after the seminar is over.


  • Artificial Intelligence / Robotics
  • Semantics / Specification / Formal Methods
  • Verification / Logic


  • Argumentation
  • Reasoning
  • Agent sytems


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