April 9 – 14 , 2000, Dagstuhl Seminar 00151

Advanced Stochastic Modelling in Telecommunications


U. Herzog (Erlangen), G. Latouche (UL Brussels), V. Ramaswami (AT&T, Middletown), P. Tran-Gia (Würzburg)

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Telecommunication systems have a long tradition as a source and inspiration for stochastic models which are used at every stage, from conception to planning, realization and operation. Hot topics at the present time concern mobile telecommunications and developments in internet-based services and systems.

Internet-based services have created an enormous interest when they were first proposed, and are still the subject of intense scientific activity. During the workshop which was held this year, we have had several presentations in that area, and it is clear that the subject is not closed.

Mobile telecommunications are still in full development, both technological and methodological. No week goes by without a new announcement for an international conference devoted to the subject. This is spurred by the adoption of cellular telephones by users throughout the world, the deployment of IRIDIUM and future low earth orbit satellite systems, and the integration of fixed networks with wireless systems. These developments, in turn, create more research on mathematical models of spatial traffic, etc.

We expect the strength of the seminar to reside in the mix of participants: a sizeable proportion are employed in industrial research centers, and, among those from the academic world, several have close working relationship with industry. We are confident that this will lead to extremely interesting interactions among the participants, a varied set of points of views and a rich collection of problems addressed and models analyzed.

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