March 12 – 17 , 2000, Dagstuhl Seminar 00111

Multi-Image Search, Filtering, Reasoning and Visualisation


A. Bruckstein (Technion, Israel), T. Huang (Urbana), R. Klette (Auckland), Song De Ma (Beijing)

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Computer vision research has to deal with multi-image situations in different contexts. These needs have increased in recent times, and multi-image techniques become a main issue in image technology:

  • Databases: multi-image representations of similar situations, objects, processes and related SEARCH strategies,
  • Internet: search for relevant image data requires a specification of FILTER mechanisms,
  • Multi-image Based Shape Reconstruction: camera calibration, multi-image and multi-sensor shape or terrain reconstruction (stereo, structured light methods, photometric stereo, and shape from multiple shadows), and registration and integration of partial (or single view) reconstructions require REASONING on geometric and radiometric circumstances, or
  • Augmented Reality: multi-node panoramic scenes, omniviewing by special cameras, video-to-(still)wide angle image generation, object viewers, incremental surface visualisations, or more advanced augmented reality systems require new VISUALISATION techniques.

This seminar is intended to discuss theoretical fundamentals related to those issues and to specify open problems and major directions of further development in the field of multi-image technology.

The seminar procedure will be characterized by flexibility, working groups, sufficient time for focused discussions and a final edited volume of seminar papers (following the seminar and including obtained results during the seminar).

Each participant is expected to contribute with a 20-30 minutes talk, and active participation within one of the working groups as specified at day one of the workshop.

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