05.06.16 - 10.06.16, Seminar 16232

Fair Division

The following text appeared on our web pages prior to the seminar, and was included as part of the invitation.


Fair division has been an active field of research in economics and mathematics for decades. More recently, the topic has attracted the attention of computer scientists, due to its algorithmic nature and its real-world applications. The 2016 Dagstuhl seminar on fair division will bring together top researchers in the field, from among the multiple disparate disciplines where it is studied, both within computer science and from economics and mathematics, to share knowledge and advance the state of the art.

The seminar will cover fair division of both divisible and indivisible goods. Topics will include: algorithms, lower bounds, approximations, strategic behavior, tradeoffs between fairness and efficiency, partial divisions, alternative definitions of fairness, and any other topic the participants find relevant and interesting.

We plan for five intensive days of scientific exchange, closing open questions and opening new directions, establishing collaborations, and enjoying the wonderful Dagstuhl setting at the best time of year.