23.11.14 - 28.11.14, Seminar 14481

Multiscale Spatial Computational Systems Biology

The following text appeared on our web pages prior to the seminar, and was included as part of the invitation.


This seminar explores challenges arising from the need to model and analyse complex biological systems at multiple scales (spatial and temporal), and falls within the general remit of Computational Systems Biology.

Multiscale modelling goes beyond the traditional approach of modelling at just one spatial/temporal scale. Until now most models have largely ignored locality within the cell, or cell-cell interactions. However, with the insight that spatial phenomena like localisation and crowding have a considerable influence on reaction processes and many processes cannot be understood with reference to one organisation level only (intra- or inter-cellular dynamics), the need for effective and efficient modelling and simulation approaches arises.

The challenges for computer science and mathematics include the development of suitable modelling approaches and associated tools to create coherent descriptions of biological systems by integrating several spatial and/or temporal scales, and methods for the simulation and analysis of the models.

The overall motivation for this seminar is the exchange of the most recent advances in these methods. A distinguishing factor of the seminar is the modelling competition – where different approaches are explored, in order to better understand what are their benefits.

The seminar brings together researchers working in modelling and analysis of biological systems with diverse professional backgrounds, such as informaticians, mathematicians, engineers, biologists, physicians.