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Article Image: New service for authors: Bib2Doi

New service for authors: Bib2Doi

With Bib2Doi, Dagstuhl Publishing provides a new web tool that allows authors to enrich their bib-files by quickly adding DOIs, URLs, or missing metadata.

For several years now, Dagstuhl Publishing has been endeavoring to support its authors in providing detailed and well-structured metadata for their articles in a convenient way. For example, the current submission system supports the extraction of metadata directly from the LaTeX files for many series (LIPIcs, OASIcs, DARTS, LITES, TGDK, Dagstuhl Reports), so that tedious completion of metadata forms by the authors is no longer necessary (or at least reduced to a minimum).

With its newly developed Bib2Doi service, Dagstuhl Publishing would now like to support authors also in enriching metadata in the reference lists of their papers. Particular attention is paid to finding the DOI or other persistent identifiers (e.g. ISBN). The service is currently in a public beta phase and is available to logged-in users of the Dagstuhl Submission Server, see the Docs/Services dropdown-menu in the navigation.


By matching bib-entries to dblp records (if possible), the tool lets authors quickly add missing DOIs or URLs (and other metadata) to the entries of an uploaded bib-file. The enriched bib-file can finally be downloaded to be included into a submission in one of the above-mentioned series. If also a bbl-file is provided, the bib-file is reduced to the actually referenced entries.

Adding DOIs/URLs increases the cross-linking of articles (and thus their visibility) and, moreover, makes it much easier for readers to access the referenced articles. Dagstuhl Publishing therefore hopes that the new tool will be well received by the Dagstuhl author community. Any kind of feedback is welcome!

bib2Doi matching