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Aloys Ohlmann (1938 – 2013) Window Pictures: Hommage to Oskar Schlemmer

Art exhibit at Schloss Dagstuhl, March 10 – May 05, 2014

Exhibit opening

Monday, March 10, 2014 at 7:30 p.m. at Schloss Dagstuhl (in the new wing, adjacent to the main building)

Introduced by Professor Karl Otto Jung

Exhibit dates

March 10 to May 5, 2014

Invitation to the opening


This memorial exhibition in honor of Aloys Ohlmann (+16.09.2013) will display for the first time a series of 36 window paintings created by the artist in 1991. Aloys Ohlmann painted these works in homage to Bauhaus artist Oskar Schlemmer, who in 1942 - one year before his death - completed a cycle of 18 paintings representing different perspectives on window views as seen from both within and without.

The first Aloys Ohlmann exhibit at Dagstuhl was held in 2001 (March 19 - May 10).


Aloys Ohlmann was born in Saarland on March, 9, 1938 and worked as an art teacher and artist. In 1953, he apprenticed as a painter in his father’s business. After 1956 he furthered his artistic studies by attending classes in sculpting, painting and a number of other vocational and artistic courses at the Saarbrücken Academy for Fine Arts and elsewhere. From 1965 to 1999, he taught art and handicrafts at the Hauptschule Oberthal between 1965 and 1999, and in the department of Arts and Artistic Education at the University of Saarland from 1983 to 1991. From the late 1970s he focused on Mail Art.

In 1968, he founded the Gruppe 7 (Group 7) and in 1976 the gallery at the Zwinger in St. Wendel, where he exhibited, among that of other artists, the work of Jürgen Schieferdecker and Oskar Manigk from May to June 1989. In 1987, he called for the Mail Art movement to participate in the “Bilder für Afrika” (Images for Africa) auction (with exhibition and catalogue). In 2000, he initiated the exhibition “Mail Art Saarland – DDR: Schmuggelgut oder Kassiber?” at the University and Federal State Library of Saarland in Saarbrücken. The exhibit was also shown at the Leipzig University Library.

Aloys Ohlmann died on September 16, 2013, in Saarbrücken.

(Source: "Mail Artists Index" )

Contact details

Maria Ohlmann

Akazienweg 3

66640 Namborn-Baltersweiler

Telefon: 06851 / 56 67

Visiting hours

Monday through Friday, 9 am - 4 pm; Friday, 9 am - 2 pm