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Dagstuhl-Seminar 9709


( 24. Feb – 28. Feb, 1997 )

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  • M. Stickel (SRI)
  • R. Hasegawa (Kyushu)
  • U. Furbach (Koblenz)
  • W. Bibel (Darmstadt)


The report covers the seminar on Deduction, held at Dagstuhl, Germany during February 24–28, 1997. This seminar was organized by W. Bibel (Darmstadt, Germany), U. Furbach (Koblenz, Germnay), R. Hasegawa (Kyushu, Japan) and M. Stickel (SRI, USA). It brought together about 50 researchers from various countries.

Dagstuhl, a place being developed exclusively for research activities in Computer Science, provides an excellent atmosphere for researchers to meet and exchange ideas. During this seminar we had 41 talks, a panel, and a discussion how system implementors could cooperate.

The Dagstuhl Seminar on Deduction, succeeding the ones in 1993 and in 1995, was convened to give international researchers on deduction the opportunity to meet and discuss techniques, applications and research directions for deduction. The seminar also provided a forum for results obtained in the German focus project (DFG Schwerpunkprogramm) on deduction.

Throughout this seminar it turned out that logic is not only an essential formalism for computer science and artificial intelligence. Moreover there is a driving force towards using logic and automated deduction within various applications and other domains of computer science. There were talks ranging from more theoretical questions on deduction systems, to applications like planning, logic programming, knowledge representation and to verification of hard- and software.

With the excellent computing facilities available at Dagstuhl it also was possible to have a number of very impressive system demonstrations.

A panel on “How to get Automated Deduction out of its Corner” was organised during this seminar by Wolfgang Bibel. The discussion resulted in an agreement that there are realistic examples of applying automated deduction and its methods within various application areas.


  • M. Stickel (SRI)
  • R. Hasegawa (Kyushu)
  • U. Furbach (Koblenz)
  • W. Bibel (Darmstadt)

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