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Dagstuhl-Seminar 9724

Scientific Visualization

( 09. Jun – 13. Jun, 1997 )

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  • F. Post (Delft)
  • G. Nielson (ASU Tempe)
  • H. Hagen (Kaiserslautern)

  • Scientific visualization : proceedings : Dagstuhl 97, 9 - 13, Juni 1997 - Hagen, Hans; Nielson, Gregory M.; Post, Frits H - Piscataway : IEEE, 1999. - VIII, 350 S.. ISBN: 0-7695-0503-1.


Scientific Visualization is currently a very active and vital area of research, teaching and development. The success of Scientific Visualization is mainly due to the soundness of the basic premise behind it, that is, the basic idea of using computer-generated pictures to gain information and understanding from data (geometry) and relationships (topology). This is an extremely intiutive and very important concept which is having a profound and wide spread impact on the methodology of science and engineering.

This third Dagstuhl Seminar on Scientific Visualization brought together researchers from USA (26), Germany (11), Great Britain (1), The Netherlands (5), France (2), Austria (1), Switzerland (1), Spain (1), Japan (1), Czech Republic (1) and Russia (1), the contributions reflected the heterogenous structure of the whole area of ScientificVisualization. One of the important themes being nurtured under the aegis of Scientific Visualization is the utilization of the broad bandwidth of the human sensory system in steering and interpretating complex processes and simulations involving voluminous data sets across diverse scientific disciplines. Since vision dominates our sensory input, strong efforts have been made to bring the power of mathematical abstraction and modelling to our eyes through the mediation of computersgraphics. This interplay between various application areas and their specific problem solving visualization techniques was emphasized in this seminar.

Reflecting the heterogeneous structure of Scientific Visualization we concentrated on:

  • vector- and tensorfield visualization
  • volume visualization
  • interactive steering and exploration
  • multiresolution techiques

It was a pleasure to see the always well occupied audience and to follow the surprisingly extensive and intensive discussions after the talks.

The occasion of the Dagstuhl Seminar was taken to start the initiative for another book on Scientific Visualization edited by the organizers and contributed by the participants of the seminar. The idea is not to produce a proceedings volume but an edited book containing tutorial-like sections as well as recent original work. One intention of the book is to use it as material in courses and seminars on Scientific Visualization.

  • F. Post (Delft)
  • G. Nielson (ASU Tempe)
  • H. Hagen (Kaiserslautern)

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