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There are two LaTeX-style templates available, one for authors and one for volume editors:


Please have also a look at the OASIcs Manual [2] , a sample OASIcs article [3] , and a sample OASIcs frontmatter [4] . The manual also contains a short guideline how to switch from the previous version of the LaTeX style oasics-v2016 to the recent version oasics-v2018.


The OASIcs LaTeX style assumes the usage of pdflatex. This enables a simplified workflow for the conference organizers. Please contact the editorial office [5]  in case of further questions.

Typesetting Instructions


(As of 2018-02-09)


Previous Templates

Until 2018, we used the following LaTeX-style templates which are now obsolete:


Until 2015, we used the following LaTeX-style templates which are now obsolete:



Please contact your conference organizer for details about the paper submission process.



Articles published in OASIcs volumes are open access and typically published under  a Creative Commons license that (1) clarifies the authorship, (2) enables the conference organizers to efficiently prepare the proceedings, and (3) enables the publisher (Schloss Dagstuhl) to publish the articles. We typically ask the author to sign an author agreement mainly to document the publishing process and to provide transparency about the activities of the publisher and the conference organizers.

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