We generally prepare a bill for the day of your departure.

In addition to the registration/accommodation fee for the event in which you participated, your bill may include personal expenses for beverages, snacks or phone calls. We kindly ask that you tally your expenses before checking out, using the expense sheet you received from us during check-in.

Organizers receive free accommodation, and so pay only for their personal expenses.

We accept Visa, MasterCard and electronic cash via the EC (Maestro) card.


Seminar and Event Fees


Dagstuhl Seminars and Dagstuhl Perspectives Workshops

GI-Dagstuhl Research Seminars

Research Guests

Other Events

Partners and Companions

Partners and companions of registered participants in events at our center pay for their room and board at Schloss Dagstuhl in accordance with the prices shown in category 1.
Discounted rates might be applicable for those sharing a double room with a participant; please contact us for more details.

Rates for overnight accommodation and full board per day (as of Oct. 7, 2012)









Category 1
Less subsidized events, accompanying persons
and single-day events

90.00 euro

70.00 euro


Category 2
Research guests,
participants in more subsidized events

70.00 euro

55.00 euro


Category 3
Dagstuhl Seminars and Dagstuhl Perspectives Workshops participants

50.00 euro

40.00 euro










Any questions?

Please contact Schloss Dagstuhl's on-site administration:
Heike Clemens
Phone: +49/6871-905-0
E-mail: lzi(at)dagstuhl.de

Or contact the Dagstuhl office:
Phone: +49/681-302-4398
E-mail: service(at)dagstuhl.de

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