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Departure and Arrival / Check-In

Upon your arrival / prepare your stay

Here you will find important information to prepare your stay at Schloss Dagstuhl, your check-in, your accommodation and the facilities on site.


Attention: Please mind the additional information for participants of seminars [1] or participants of other events [2] !


You will find out how to get to Schloss Dagstuhl in the directions [3] .

Service hours at reception desk


3pm – 7pm

Monday – Thursday

7.30 am – 4pm


7.30 am – 1pm

Hours may vary during bank holidays

Access to buildings is only possible by entering an access code (code digits+‘F’, you will receive your access code prior to your event), or with a key card for the new guest house (rooms G1–G7). Inside the buildings, please wear your name badge clearly visible.

Should you plan to arrive outside of our service hours, please inform us by e-mail [4] no later than the Thursday before the start of your seminar and use the Self-Service-Check-In.

Self-Service Check-In

Closing hours

The building is closed from Saturday morning 10.00 am to Sunday afternoon 3.00 pm. Guests who plan to arrive on Saturdays may find hotel recommendations here. [5]

A stay from Friday to Saturday is only possible on exception and on request [6] .



from 7.30 am – 8.45 am



12.15 pm


Coffee and Cake

between 3pm – 4pm

(Sun – Thu)



(Mon – Thu)

Self-service buffet from 6pm



Our rooms are primarily single rooms. A double bed room, a family room, a room with an extra-large bed, or a low-barrier room can be prepared for you on request.

If capacity allows, it is possible for you to bring along companions [7] and / or children [8] :

Accompanying persons [9] and children [10] must be registered, booked, and confirmed by Schloss Dagstuhl no later than 4 weeks before the start date of your event.


Please note that smoking is not permitted inside the buildings.


Room amenities

Your rooms are equipped with:

Additional information:

Available on request:

You will find in your bathroom:




Schloss Dagstuhl and the surrounding area

Additional Information

for Dagstuhl Seminars and Perspektives Workshops

As participant of a Dagstuhl seminar or a Dagstuhl perspective workshop, please also mind the following additional information.

Attention: There is differing information for participants of other events [11] such as GI-Dagstuhl-seminars, summer schools, training programs, research group meetings, research stays, etc.


Additional Information

for other events

As participant of a GI-Dagstuhl-seminar, a summer school, a training program, a research group meeting, or a research stay, in short: any event that is not a Dagstuhl Seminar or a Dagstuhl Perspectives Workshop, please also mind the following additional information.

Attention: there is differing information for participants of Dagstuhl Seminars or Dagstuhl Perspectives Workshops [12] .


List of hyperlinks

[1]Planing your visit / check-in
[2]Planing your visit / check-in
[5]Arrival Saturday
[8]Childcare at Schloss Dagstuhl
[10]Childcare at Schloss Dagstuhl
[11]Planing your visit / check-in
[12]Planing your visit / check-in

Any questions?

Be sure to notify Dagstuhl Office if you have any special needs, e.g. vegetarian diet, allergies, low-barrier premises, require a super-size bed, or if you need childcare assistance.

Please contact us if you have further questions.

Useful Information

Expenses and methods of payment

We accept:

Outside the center, it is possible that only cash will be accepted – especially in busses and taxis. ATMs are about 2.5 km away from the center.

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