26.01.14 - 31.01.14, Seminar 14051

Algorithms for Wireless Communication

Diese Seminarbeschreibung wurde vor dem Seminar auf unseren Webseiten veröffentlicht und bei der Einladung zum Seminar verwendet.


The last decades have seen an ever growing interest in wireless communication networks and their applications. Wireless networks pose many algorithmic challenges for various reasons: Realistic wireless signal propagation and interference models are very complex and therefore hard to use in rigorous algorithmic research, and this is further complicated by emerging technologies such as MIMO. Also, reasonable models for the dynamics and mobility in these networks can be quite complex and are not yet well-understood. Furthermore, standard complexity measures such as time and space are not sufficient any more as energy consumption is also a critical aspect that cannot be neglected. Many protocols for wireless networks have already been proposed by the research community, but most of them have only been studied in simulations or analyzed using rather simple models. So there is doubt whether any of these protocols would actually work in practice.

The goal of the Dagstuhl Seminar is to bring together computer scientists of different back-grounds to review and discuss models and algorithmic approaches in order to obtain a better understanding of the capabilities and limitations of modern wireless networks and to come up with more realistic models and approaches for future research on wireless networks that may then be investigated in joint research projects.