November 1 – 6 , 2009, Event 09452

The Data Documentation Initiative [DDI] XML Standard: Workshop on Implementation of DDI3 - Advanced Topics


Arofan Gregory (Open Data Foundation – Tucson, US)
Wendy Thomas (University of Minnesota – Minneapolis, US)
Mary Vardigan (University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, US)
Joachim Wackerow (GESIS – Mannheim, DE)

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Heike Clemens


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The goal of this symposium-style workshop is to produce a detailed use case literature covering the technical aspects of DDI3 implementation. Some selected exploratory topics like interoperability with other domains and technologies will also be examined.

Description of the Workshop

Implementations and planned implementations will be presented by a number of attendees and discussed by other presenters and invited experts. This workshop provides an opportunity to share experiences with other advanced implementers of DDI3 and experts in the DDI3 technical specification, obtain a real time peer review and create the beginnings of a strong use case literature for DDI3 implementations. The hosts and participants in the workshop are expected to look critically at the use cases presented and provide any input that is appropriate.

Expected Results

Use cases discussed at the workshop will be written up and published in the new DDI Alliance On-line Working Paper Series.


The names of interested organizations and individuals should be sent to Please provide contact information, area of interest, and area of expertise for each individual, information regarding DDI 3 implementation, and a statement of what each individual can contribute to the workshop. Any questions regarding this event should be directed to

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