27. – 29. April 2022, Event 22173

Applied Machine Intelligence


Johannes Busse (HAW Landshut, DE)
Thomas Hoppe (Fraunhofer FOKUS – Berlin, DE)
Bernhard Humm (Hochschule Darmstadt, DE)
Anatol Reibold (Cogia GmbH – Frankfurt am Main, DE)

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Heike Clemens


In the 2022 workshop on applied machine intelligence (AMI'2022), 19 participants from academia and industry discussed new directions for applied knowledge-based AI and machine learning. Like in the AMI workshops the years before, the focus was on real world problems and practical issues raised by the application of semantic technologies, data science and machine learning. Beside other topics the workshop this year had a strong focus on knowledge-based AI and on new corporate application areas for semantic technologies.

Topics included ontology engineering, automated engineering of WordNets, innovations in semantic search, and automated machine learning (AutoML). Corporate use cases discussed included anomaly detection, supply networks, and circular economy.

With AMI'2022 we continued our workshop series at Schloss Dagstuhl after two years interruption caused by the Corona pandemic. Although during 2020 we switched to an online conference in a reduced format to continue with the series, our experience this year has shown that nothing can substitute the real interactions of a presence meeting with its intense discussions, extensions of sessions into the coffee breaks and the social interactions during meals and common activities.

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  Creative Commons BY 4.0
  Bernhard G. Humm


  • Artificial Intelligence

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