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There are two LaTeX-style templates available, one for authors and one for volume editors:


Please have also a look at the OASIcs Authors Guideline [1] , a sample OASIcs article [2] , and a sample OASIcs frontmatter [3] . The manual also contains a short guideline how to switch from the previous version of the LaTeX style oasics-v2018 to the recent version oasics-v2019.


Typesetting instructions - Summary

The OpenAccess Series in Informatics (OASIcs) aims at a suitable publication venue to publish peer-reviewed collections of papers emerging from an international scientific event. In order to do justice to the high scientific quality of the conferences that publish their proceedings in the OASIcs series, which is ensured by the thorough review process of the respective events, we believe that OASIcs proceedings must have an attractive and consistent layout matching the standard of the series. Moreover, the quality of the metadata, the typesetting and the layout must also meet the requirements of other external parties such as indexing service, DOI registry, funding agencies, among others. The guidelines contained in this document serve as the baseline for the authors, editors, and the publisher to create documents that meet as many different requirements as possible.


Please comply with the following instructions when preparing your article for a OASIcs proceedings volume.

Minimum requirements


Mandatory metadata macros

Please set the values of the metadata macros carefully since the information parsed from these macros will be passed to publication servers, catalogues and search engines. Avoid placing macros inside the metadata macros. The following metadata macros/environments are mandatory:


Please do not ...

Generally speaking, please do not override the oasics-v2019-style defaults. To be more specific, a short checklist also used by Dagstuhl Publishing during the final typesetting is given below. In case of non-compliance with these rules Dagstuhl Publishing will remove the corresponding parts of LaTeX code and replace it with the oasics-v2019 defaults. In serious cases, we may reject the LaTeX-source and expect the corresponding author to revise the relevant parts.


This is only a summary containing the most relevant details. Please read the complete document "OASIcs: Instructions for Authors and the oasics-v2019 Class" for all details and don't hesitate to contact Dagstuhl Publishing ( in case of questions or comments: OASIcs Authors Guideline [4]

(As of 2018-12-20)

Previous Templates

Until 2019, we used the following LaTeX-style templates which are now obsolete:


Until 2018, we used the following LaTeX-style templates which are now obsolete:


Until 2015, we used the following LaTeX-style templates which are now obsolete:


Please contact your conference organizer for details about the paper submission process.


Articles published in OASIcs volumes are open access and typically published under  a Creative Commons license that (1) clarifies the authorship, (2) enables the conference organizers to efficiently prepare the proceedings, and (3) enables the publisher (Schloss Dagstuhl) to publish the articles. We typically ask the author to sign an author agreement mainly to document the publishing process and to provide transparency about the activities of the publisher and the conference organizers.

List of hyperlinks


To the publications

OASIcs webportal: Archive of all published OASics volumes.


In case of questions, please contact:

Dr. Michael Wagner

Phone: + 49 (0)6871 / 905-200

E-Mail: michael.wagner(at)

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