LIPIcs: Information for Program Chairs

The guiding principle is to share the workload between conference organizers and Schloss Dagstuhl - Leibniz-Zentrum für Informatik (LZI), to minimize the cost in workmanship for LZI, and therefore to minimize the fee to be paid by the conference organizers.


The general distribution of the tasks is as follows:

  • Authors: Prepare their contribution using LaTeX and the LIPIcs style file. Provide complete metadata.
  • Editors: Take care of completeness of metadata. Prepare the whole proceedings volume especially with regard to dedicated volume data and pagination. Upload metadata to LZI.
  • LZI: Takes care of adding metadata to LZI's publication server DROPS. Checks completeness of metadata and typesetting. Takes care of registering DOIs, informing indexing services, registering for long-term archiving. Hosts the published volume in the long term.


The timeline is coarsely as follows:

  1.  The editors inform the authors to use the LIPIcs LaTeX style, to sign the author agreement and to upload a self-contained archive of all source files, the signed agreement and a PDF file of their contribution on the Dagstuhl Submission Server.
  2. The authors submit camera-ready versions of their contribution along with the LaTeX sources and the signed agreement to the Dagstuhl Submission Server.
  3. The editors download all source archives for all papers to the local machines and compile the whole proceedings volume. Thereby they take care of consistent metadata, basic typesetting, and pagination. Furthermore, the editors take care of the frontmatter (table of contents, preface, ...). The editors actually prepare the approved galley proof at this stage. The editors update the metadata of all papers on the Dagstuhl Submission Server and submit the complete set of LaTeX sources to LZI ideally 10, but at least 8 weeks before the conference.
  4. LZI checks metadata and typesetting and makes corrections if necessary. LZI transfers the final metadata and PDFs onto LZI's publication server DROPS, sets up a webportal for the proceedings volume, and sends the editors a link to the unpublished webportal and asks the editors for approval. This is the page proof stage and at this point only minor corrections should occur.
  5. The editors approve the webportal.
  6. After approval, LZI officially publishes the proceedings volume (including DOI registration, registration for long-term archiving, ...).


Detailed information on the services offered by LIPIcs, the workflow and costs, as well as copyright, citation and indexing can be found in the announcement of the series.

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