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Research Guests

Schloss Dagstuhl is a fantastic location for going on a retreat to pursue research. We offer individuals and small groups the option of coming to the Center for research retreats extending over several days or weeks. This is offered to everybody, regardless of their nationality.

The offerings for research guests are the same as those for the participants of the Dagstuhl Seminars:


A proposal is to be submitted containing a CV and a short description of the research project to be worked on at Schloss Dagstuhl. Only projects relating to informatics can be accepted.
Send your proposal to:
E-Mail: [1]

Also contact us if you have any questions or require any other information.

Grants and Other Funding

Travel and living expenses for research retreats of non-Germans are funded by DAAD [2] . Application has to be made with a DAAD office in the applicant's home country.

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("Organizer of your workshop" is Dagstuhl office)

The costs include full board for a maximum of 5 days/week. Weekends are free as no meals or other services are offered.

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