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Checklist for Submitting Proposals |for Dagstuhl Seminars or Perspectives

Your proposal should contain the following information:

1 Basic Information about the Seminar

The basic information or meta-data of your seminar proposal will be entered during proposal registration within our submission system DOSA [1] .


1.1 Title

The title should be short and concise. Please avoid syntactic sugar like "Proposal for a Dagstuhl Seminar on" etc.


1.2 Organizers

Names and affiliations of all proposers. A proposal is submitted by at most four organizers from different institutions. Proposals involving female researchers in the organizer team are very welcome.


1.3 Type of event, duration, and size

1.4 Topics

Please provide at least one and at most three topical categories:




1.5 Keywords

Please provide  keywords detailing the proposal's topic.


1.6 Proposed Seminar Dates

To ensure that your seminar does not coincide with major conferences or other key events, please list your block-out dates. You are also welcome to suggest preferred dates.  We will try but cannot guarantee that we will be able to schedule the seminar on one of these dates, although we do respect your block-out dates. Potential dates are in general between 9 and 15 months after the submission deadline for 30-person seminars and between 15 and 21 months after the deadline for 45-person seminars. 


1.7 Further Information

Please rate the following issues:

2 Detailed information on the Seminar

The detailed information on the seminar is given and uploaded in a PDF document.


2.0 Changes from a previous proposal (1/4 to 1 page):

In case you are submitting a revised version of a previously rejected proposal, please comment on all changes and improvements. If the rejection letter proposed changes and improvements that you feel are not called for, please give your reasons.


2.1 Description of the seminar (3-5 pages):

3 Appendix

3.1 Information on the Organizers (2 pages per organizer):


3.2 Invitee List:

The invitee list is submitted via DOSA in the form of a (UTF-8 coded) CSV file. (cf. the description [2]  provided here [3] .) It contains the following data for each participant and organizer:


Please keep also the following important points in mind:

List of hyperlinks


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Before writing a proposal, please read also:

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Submission Deadlines

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