June 6 – 11 , 1999, Dagstuhl Seminar 99231

Graph Decompositions and Algorithmic Applications


A. Brandstädt (Rostock), S. Olariu (Norfolk), J. P. Spinrad (Nashville)

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The seminar should bring together experts from different fields of graph decomposition. It is motivated by the many successful applications of graph (and other) decomposition methods to the design of efficient graph algorithms, and it will have the following aims:

  • extending known graph decompositions such as the modular and the homogeneous decomposition
  • new structural insights by studying graph decomposition
  • extending results on the tree structure of graphs and using such results for the design of efficient algorithms
  • new results on the P4 structure of graphs and decompositions related to this concept
  • exchange of information on recent research and stimulation of further research in the direction of graph decompositions and its algorithmic applications.

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