March 18 – 22 , 1996, Dagstuhl Seminar 9612

Theoretical Foundations of Computer Vision


R. Bajcsy, R. Klette, W. Kropatsch, F. Solina

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Dagstuhl-Seminar-Report 139


This was the second TFCV meeting in Dagstuhl with the aim of bringing together scientists in Computer Vision from the West and from the former eastern block countries. The organizers believed that there was a mutual gain to all participants since we perceived a certain ignorance of each other's work. This fact explains that this seminar was less focused and covered a broad variety of computer vision topics. At the same time many participants hailed this fact, that it allowed them to educate and update themselves in such wide spectrum of computer vision topics.
The organizers assert that the goal of integrating the West and East communities at least in "small" has been achieved and no further meetings are necessary of this kind. Personal contacts have been established which now are leading to more direct exchanges between students and researchers of respective laboratories.
38 talks were given by 40 participants from 17 countries. 11 participants came from Germany, 5 from France, 3 from the Netherlands, 2 from Austria, Canada, Czech Republic, Italy, Poland, Slovenia and Ukraine, and 1 from Australia, Hungary, Japan, Russia, USA and Yugoslavia.
We are pleased to note that at this meeting by and large the presentations were highly professional, well structured, to the point and reporting most recent results as it is obvious from the bellow abstracts. This report contains the abstracts in alphabetical order sorted by the names of speakers.
We are grateful to the administration of the Dagstuhl enterprise for creating a conducive environment that enabled us this successful interaction and accomplishment of our primary goals.
For the future, we recommend that TFCV seminar be more topical and focused. "Evaluation and Validation of Computer Vision Algorithms" was the suggested topic of the next TFCV seminar in the final discussion.

Ruzena Bajcsy, Reinhard Klette, Walter G. Kropatsch, Franc Solina

List of Speakers


G. Sommer, R. Bajcsy, B. Krebs, R. Kozera, V. Kovalevsky, K. Voss, K. Daniilidis, G. Hartmann, Ch. Duperthuy


N. Petkov, J. Barron, St. Beauchemin, A. Gagalowicz, H. Jahn, S. Ben Yacoub, V. Di Gesu, V. Hlavac, W. Skarbek, F. Solina, A. Leonardis


J.-M. Jolion, A Koschan, R. Klette, M. I. Schlesinger, H. Süsse


U. Eckhardt, J. B. T. B. Roerdink, A. Imiya, J. Zunic, F. Sloboda, W. G. Kropatsch, J.-O. Lachaud, D. Chetverikov, G. L. Gimelfarb, J. Weickert


J. Flusser, T. Belikova, R. Bajcsy

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