March 15 – 19 , 2020, Event 20124

POSTPONED Summer School "Data Management Techniques"

In view of the current coronavirus epidemic Schloss Dagstuhl has suspended its seminar operations – for the time being until August 15th, 2020. The affected seminars are postponed indefinitely. We will reschedule them after our operations will have resumed. (See announcement)


Goetz Graefe (Google – Madison, US)

For support, please contact

Heike Clemens


This summer school is an intensive course on software techniques for data management and database management. Topics include database command translation and query optimization, query execution and indexing, row- and column-oriented storage structures and algorithms, optimistic and pessimistic concurrency control, logging and recovery, replication and high availability, scalability and cloud computing, and more. The goal of lectures and presentations is to understand classic techniques and to link them to industrial reality and to research opportunities. The target audience are recent MS graduates who have already taken 2-3 courses covering data management software and who are embarking on a career in industrial development or in academic research in related topics.

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  Goetz Graefe

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