August 7 – 12 , 2016, Event 16323

Sommerschule "Data Management Techniques"


Goetz Graefe (Google – Madison, US)

For support, please contact

Heike Clemens


Database query processing, transaction processing, concurrency control, logging, recovery, replication, cloud data management, hardware support, non-volatile memory, column stores, indexing, compression, parallelism, skew, robust query performance, versioning, eventual consistency, high availability, resource management, thread and process management, stream processing, key-value stores, graph storage and retrieval, integration of databases and file systems, more – subject to change.

Recent graduates starting their research or career in data management software, with 2-3 courses or experience in database management or cloud data management; limited by the venue to 25 attendees – event registration with the organizers (

August 7-12, 2016 (arrive on August 7 after 3pm; depart on August 12 at noon or after lunch; no late arrivals or early departures; lectures 8/8 9am – 8/12 12n).

How much?
Free participation – participants pay their transportation as well as room and board at Dagstuhl.

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