June 17 – 20 , 2007, Event 07252

11th European Workshop on Natural Language Generation


Stephan Busemann (DFKI – Saarbrücken, DE)

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Heike Clemens


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The workshop continues a biennial series of workshops on natural language generation that has been running since 1987. Previous European workshops have been held at Toulouse, Budapest and Aberdeen. The series provides a regular forum for presentation of research in this area, both for NLG specialists and for researchers from other areas.


We welcome papers on formal, corpus-based, implementational and analytical work on conventional NLG topics (content selection, planing, realisation, etc), and especially papers with a focus on the following themes:

  • NLG workflows and architectures
  • NLG for real-world applications
  • Multilingual NLG
  • Use of ontologies in NLG
  • NLG in linguistically motivated frameworks
  • Statistical processing for NLG
  • Information organization for planning and NLG
  • Evaluation of NLG systems

We also welcome discussion on the challenges that these viewpoints pose for generation systems and applications, as well as new ideas and solutions for general frameworks. Especially, we invite research papers and system descriptions on applying natural language generation in solutions to real-world problems.


Papers must describe original work. Long papers (up to 8 pages) describe mature contributions, whereas short papers describe ideas or system implementations. using no more than 4 pages. Submit ACL-formatted papers to the [EasyChair] w ebsite. The workshop website has more details (


  • Paper submissions: March 16, 2007
  • Notification about acceptance: April 23, 2007
  • Camera-ready version due: May 13, 2007
  • Workshop: June 17-20



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Dagstuhl tradition includes welcoming on the first day (afternoon of June 17) and early start of the workshop on the following day. Departure will be on June 20th after lunch. There will be limited space available at the center, and early registration is advisable (Opening of registration will be announced in due time).


Responsable: Stephan Busemann, DFKI GmbH, Germany


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