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Tuesday, 19. May 2009

by Till Neu

The dark and the light side of earth

18: Allegory of Bad Government

31: Joy

Till Neu

Ikonostasis, 2008

From May 25., 2009 untif further notice as loan from the artist.


The work consists of 48 plates (20x20 cm) and tells from heaven and hell

on earth and their illustrations in the arts. The selection of the motivs

reflects Till Neu's encounter with historic places, churches and museums

and his personal collection of things.


The dark side shows outrage and sorrow which is allways hard to paint and

hard to look at.  The plates of the light side have been made during the last decade

when ever Till Neu experienced happiness and joy. They tell about hope and

dreams and include citations of art works which delighted him with their

aura of positivity and joie de vivre.


The 48 Plates

Identification of the Plates

(in German)

Comment by Till Neu 

from "per annum MMVIII" (in German)

Editor: Till Neu and Regionalverband Saarbrücken





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