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List of Hotels



Price B&B single







Hotel Königshof
Schottstraße 1-5

EUR 68



Otto-Decker-Str. 15

EUR 60



Hotel Vicinity
Neubrücker Straße 9929

EUR 41



Schlossstrasse 2

EUR 47

+49-6871-90 170


Castello Bianco
Steinkreuzweg 18

EUR 70

+49-6871-91 137


Dagstuhler Hof
Poststraße 2

from EUR 67

+49-6871-92 09 516

Arrival Saturday

We provide full room and board in our center to our guests during our Dagstuhl Seminars and workshops. Please refer to our calendar [1] to know the exact arrival and departure date of your event.


Schloss Dagstuhl offers no service between Saturday morning 10 a.m. and Sunday afternoon 3 p.m.


We recommend one of the following hotels to our guest who will arrive on Saturday. The hotel LOCVILLARE is 3 minutes on foot from our Center, the hotels Castello Bianco and Dagstuhler Hof are reachable within 20 minutes walk. The hotels in the other cities are situated in a short walking distrance from the respective train stations. Please specify that you are a Dagstuhl participant.

About the Places

Mainz [2]

A famous Romain city at the banks of the river Rhine with a 1000-year old catheadral and the Museum of Gutenberg, the inventor of book printing. Mainz is on the way between Frankfurt and Dagstuhl, a place where people pass by train, when traveling to Dagstuhl.

Idar-Oberstein [3]

Another good alternative is to stay in Idar-Oberstein, a small charming town on the train-route between Mainz and Dagstuhl, which is well known for its jewellery-mines, -museums and -shops, castle ruins and churches.

Neubrücke/Nahe [4]

A further good option along the railway line to St. Wendel is the Hotel Vicinity, in Neubrücke/Nahe, which is situated 15 minutes before St. Wendel. Get off the train in Neubrücke/Nahe and walk about 3 minutes to the hotel.

Sorry, they do not yet have an English web-page but they speak and write English for reservation.

Wadern-Lockweiler [5]

Castello Bianco is situated in the quiet area of Lockweiler, 20 minutes walk to Dagstuhl. The hotel has an italian restaurant.

Wadern [6]

The recently opened hotel LOCVILLARE is situated 3 minutes by foot from Schloss Dagstuhl. 

Wadern town center [7]

The Dagstuhler Hof is situated in the middle of the town of Wadern. It has a quality regional style restaurant and newly decorated rooms. Wadern town center is within a 20 minutes walk from Dagstuhl.


On Sunday Dagstuhl guests take either from Mainz or from Idar-Oberstein one of the trains which reaches the bus R2.


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[1]Seminar Calendar

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