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Artifact Evaluation

All artifacts to be published within DARTS need to undergo some sort of systematic evaluation process, typically administered by an evaluation committee.  Thereby, it should be ensured that the artifact is well documented, easy to reuse, and  consistent, and complete with respect to the claims made in the related research paper.

It is up to the editors of a special issue to organize the evaluation process and to provide the methodology for the evaluation. As a suggestion, the guidelines for Artifact Evaluation for Software Conferences [1] can serve as basis. The description of the artifact evaluation process has to be public available and is part of the preface of the issue and of the proposal [2] .

Artifact Description

Each artifact is published with a separate description which should


Each artifact is published with machine-readable metadata including the following information according the DataCite Metadata Schema [3] :

File formats

DARTS accepts any kind of data file formats for the artifacts. However, it can not guarantee continued access and preservation of obsolete or obscure formats. For that reason, open, non-proprietary and well-documented formats are highly recommended wherever possible.

Artifact preface

Each issue in the Dagstuhl Artifacts Series (DARTS) has a preface written by the chairs of artifact evaluation committee that describes the artifact evaluation process. This description is also an essential part of the proposal [4] .

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