01. – 06. Oktober 2023, Event 23403

Defining a core metadata framework for cross-domain data sharing and reuse


Arofan Gregory (DDI Alliance / CODATA – Jaffrey, US)
Simon Hodson (CODATA – Paris, FR)
Hilde Orten (SIKT – Bergen, NO)
Joachim Wackerow (Ludwigshafen, DE)

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Heike Clemens


Data reuse – especially across organisational and domain boundaries – demands a wide range of information in several areas. While this is often generically referred to as “metadata,” that term covers a wide range of information serving different purposes within a data-sharing scenario. If the range of different functions can be understood, and the information requirements they present analysed, it will be possible to define a core set of metadata required for cross-domain data sharing and reuse.

Today, many popular standards and specifications address parts of this problem under the FAIR banner, but there is not yet a coherent picture of how these can be used together to provide sufficient metadata support. This workshop will explore how this idea of a core metadata framework can be better defined, and will identify solutions and challenges for realising a sufficient set of models for facilitating all needed aspects of cross-domain data reuse.

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  Creative Commons BY 4.0
  Arofan Gregory, Simon Hodson, Hilde Orten, and Joachim Wackerow

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