28. August – 02. September 2022, Event 22353

Interoperability for Cross-Domain Research: Machine-Actionability & Scalability


Arofan Gregory (DDI Alliance / CODATA, US)
Simon Hodson (CODATA – Paris, FR)
Hilde Orten (SIKT – Bergen, NO)
Joachim Wackerow (Ludwigshafen, DE)

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A significant challenge facing the wide-scale implementation of the FAIR principles for data stewardship is the ready availability of metadata in a processable format, with sufficient context to support accurate and informed reuse and harmonisation of that data. This is an ambitious undertaking, and some parts of this challenge are more easily met than others. This workshop will use a set of use cases to inform how a framework of domain-agnostic standards and models can be usefully employed to permit the communication of the needed metadata, and how such metadata can be collected. Integral to this approach is the idea that both for collection and use, full advantage must be taken of the existing and emerging capabilities of artificial intelligence and machine-actionable metadata harvesting.

The focus of this workshop is three-fold:

  1. Identifying the set of data models and standards which can be shared across domains for purposes of supporting machine actionable use and AI methods.
  2. Exploring strategies for the practical harvesting and dissemination of the metadata, based on the identified standards and existing technology approaches.
  3. Defining the contextual "package" of information which is needed to accurately share, reuse, and harmonise data.

These areas are interconnected, reflecting exploratory work from earlier Dagstuhl workshops over the past several years, and discussions in other fora. The scope spans a variety of concerns in the data sharing space in order to explore a range of current and emerging topics.

The standards and models to be considered will include, but will not be limited to, many which were considered in the 2021 Dagstuhl session Interoperability for Cross-Domain Research: Use Cases for Metadata Standards, which covered the FDOF, DDI-CDI,, DCAT, DataCube, SDMX, PROV-O, ODRL, and DPV. More recent work around observable properties, based on the I-ADOPT work in RDA, will also be addressed. Relevant cross-domain areas of practice such as DRUM (Digital Representation of Units of Measurement) will also be considered. The relationship of these standards to use-case-specific domain standards and vocabularies will be addressed, in order to explore how the interchangeable expression of metadata can be practically realised at scale.

Real-world use cases will be used to test the ideas put forward in the workshop and demonstrate their practicability.

The workshop will produce recommendations based on the proposed standards and models and on their application to the use cases considered. Proposed next steps for the use cases will be documented, to illustrate the basis on which the recommendations are formed. Any extensions or changes to the standards and models considered will be documented for communication to the relevant groups which maintain them. The intent of the workshop is to provide concrete input into the formulation of a core interoperability framework for FAIR data-sharing taking into account requirements emerging from user-driven communities, large scale infrastructures, and significant domain organisations.

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  Creative Commons BY 4.0
  Arofan Gregory, Simon Hodson, Hilde Orten, and Joachim Wackerow

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