24. – 26. August 2020, Event 20353

Designing Experiments With the Age Simulator GERT and Wearables


Ingo Timm (Universität Trier, DE)

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Heike Clemens


Rising numbers of multimorbid elderly persons challenge health care delivery in Germany and Europe. To address this challenge strengthening the independence of people in need of care provides a promising strategy. The project 'SiNuS-Pflege'("Simulation von Nudging-Methoden zur Stärkung der Selbstständigkeit Pflegebedürftiger') investigates how new support approaches can be tested without burdening or even endangering people with health impairments.

As a first step we examine the use of the age simulation suit GERT (GERonTologic test suit) with young and healthy participants to generate reliable and valid reference data of the investigated target group.

In this interdisciplinary workshop we combine knowledge and experience from the fields of psychology, business informatics and NeuroIS to design a study that examines the usability of GERT for our project and to conduct initial experiments, especially to generate a first set of data for analysis. We therefore record data with acceleration sensors and measure heart frequency while wearing GERT.

Furthermore, a first publication in this context is prepared.

This workshop is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF, No. 16SV8553).

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  Ingo Timm

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