10. – 12. April 2019, Event 19153

Digital Archaeoludology


Cameron Browne (Maastricht University, NL)

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Heike Clemens


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Digital Ludeme Project (external Link)


Digital Archaeoludology (DA) is a new field of study that will involve the analysis and reconstruction of ancient games from incomplete descriptions and archaeological evidence using modern computational techniques. The aim is to provide digital tools and methods to help game historians and other researchers better understand traditional games, their development throughout recorded human history, and their relationship to the development of human culture and mathematical knowledge. This work will be explored in the ERC-funded Digital Ludeme Project, to run for five years at Maastricht University from mid-2018, which will investigate such cultural questions using a computational methodology.

The aim of this meeting is to gather together leading experts in the relevant disciplines — computer science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, computational phylogenetics, mathematics, history, archaeology, anthropology, cultural studies, etc. — to discuss the key themes of this topic and establish the foundations for this new field of research, in the early stages of the project. Invitees will include the project research team, its Advisory Panel (including top international scholars in relevant disciplines and curators of key museums), other leading experts in relevant disciplines, and industry collaborators.

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  Cameron Browne

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