02. – 04. April 2012, Event 12144

IMAGINE Project - Dagstuhl Meeting


Raimund Bröchler (INTRASOFT International SA – Luxembourg, LU)

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Heike Clemens


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Current manufacturing practices comprise of siloed point solutions

  • No global visibility
  • No timely reaction to problems & changes
  • No easy entry points for SMEs

IMAGINE offers an innovative plug and produce manufacturing model and networked manufacturing solution:

  • Effective Management of Complex Dynamic Manufacturing Networks
  • Rapid and Trustworthy Network SetUp
  • Collaborative Product Development
  • Effective Network Monitoring and Agile Reconfiguration
  • Improved Resource Utilisation, Quality Assurance, Reduction of Production Costs

The EU (FP-7 IP) project IMAGINE addresses the need to overcome the siloed point solutions and will design information models and blueprints for organizing associated process and material flows for dynamic multi-party manufacturing networks of globally distributed partners that will be supported by a shared collaboration platform. It will provide a consolidated and coordinated view of information from various manufacturing sources and systems and enable service-enhanced product and production lifecycle and responsive manufacturing processes throughout the value chain. Living Labs in major industrial sectors will drive the implementation, testing, evaluation and dissemination of the IMAGINE methodology and supporting ICT platform.

This workshop aims to finalize the first version of the IMAGINE methodology description for end-to-end dynamic manufacturing network management (DMNM) including information model, process blueprints, and the DMNM lifecycle. It will also draft an initial framework architecture for the project's collaboration platform.

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