Schloss Dagstuhl - NSF Support Grant|for Junior Researchers

The Schloss Dagstuhl - NSF Support Grant for Junior Researchers supports the participation of outstanding junior researchers from US institutions in our scientific program. In general, one researcher per Seminar can be supported by this grant.


Grant recipients receive a travel stipend of up to 1500 USD to partially cover the air fare of their travel to Germany for the purpose of attending a specific Dagstuhl Seminar, plus free room and board at our center for the duration of the seminar.


This grant opportunity is open to all researchers who meet the qualification criteria outlined below, regardless of nationality or age. Both those who have already been invited to attend the Dagstuhl Seminar for which they are requesting support, and those who have not received an invitation but would like to attend, are welcome to apply. Women and underrepresented minorities are encouraged to apply. Application deadlines vary by seminar.


Qualification criteria

In order to be eligible for this grant, you must be a legal resident of the United States and must be currently and at the time of the seminar affiliated with an academic institution in the US. In addition, you must either be currently working on a Ph.D./Doctor's degree or have completed that degree less than 5 years prior to the scheduled arrival date. US. citizenship is not a requirement.


Travel conditions

Grantees must travel directly (economy class) from the United States to Schloss Dagstuhl and back solely for the purpose of attending the seminar and they must fly on a US flagship airline or an EU-flag air carrier according to the general rules of the NSF as stated in the Proposal and Award Policies and Procedures Guide in Chapter VI F ( Departure in the US no earlier than two days before the scheduled arrival date for the seminar; arrival in the US no later than three days after the last seminar day; arrival at Dagstuhl before 9 o'clock am on the first seminar day; and departure from Dagstuhl after 11 o'clock am on the last seminar day. Travel itineraries that demonstrate a secondary purpose not primarily related to the Dagstuhl Seminar will not be supported. You will not use NSF funds to pay for any part of this trip for which you receive a Dagstuhl grant, if you are selected for funding.


Payment conditions

The grant is paid out upon completion of the seminar. All grantees are required to sign a statement of compliance with the rules and regulations of Schloss Dagstuhl and the NSF and to provide Schloss Dagstuhl with an original proof of purchase for the airline ticket as well as flight itinerary. If you are selected for this grant, you must commit to attending the entire seminar on the stated seminar dates. Please be aware that violating any of the criteria or conditions of the grant means that you forfeit the grant and will neither be reimbursed for your flight costs nor be granted free room and board.



Seminars, their dates, and corresponding application deadlines are summarized in this table.


Please apply for this grant by using Dagstuhls Electronic Grant Application System (DEGAS). For the application we ask for the following data:

  1. Last name
  2. First name
  3. Seminar
  4. Email
  5. Gender
  6. Type of degree or degree in progress (PhD, MD, etc)
  7. Date of your PhD-degree
  8. Full name of your advisor
  9. Name of university or institution granting your degree
  10. Country of the above institution
  11. Your currently employment (Name of university or institution, address, department)
  12. Your current position
  13. Your main research area
  14. Statement of intent (benefits of your seminar participation in 50-500 characters) 
  15. Scientific CV (pdf, 1-2 pages)


Please provide also your travel itinerary to and from the US, with airline names if already planned.



The final decision regarding grantee selection will be made by the seminar organizers in cooperation with the Scientific Director of Schloss Dagstuhl. Please note that only a limited number of grants are available. This grant opportunity is financed by a grant (CNS-1257011) from the National Science Foundation.


Please contact us at service(at) if you have specific questions about the grant or its conditions.