Since 1995 the art showcased at the center has harmonized beautifully with the more or less "nuts and bolts" nature of the work done in the seminars and other events hosted at the center, thus offering the researchers a pleasing aesthetic diversion. Works of national and international artists grace the courtyards, cloisters and gallery walls, thus providing a counterbalance to the sober logic which otherwise characterizes the center. The result is an unusual symbiosis between aesthetics and craftsmanship, giving the center's historic walls their unmistakable ambience and making Schloss Dagstuhl an academic as well as a cultural meeting place.
This concept is the brainchild of Prof. Reinhard Wilhelm, the center's founding scientific director.


There are several methods to this "madness:" for one, the regularly changing exhibits are designed to offer artists a platform for showcasing their work, while offering the center's guests a wonderful opportunity to experience art. The center is also afforded the opportunity of acquiring a collection of its own by way of art donations. Visitors to the center can make a contribution by acquiring shares in a work of art. When the art item is purchased, the donors' names are listed on it. The works of the artists are available for sale to the general public and the center's guests alike.

Current exhibition

MAJA ANDRACK - über * oder über 1

October 14- December 18, 2014



Visiting hours:

Monday to Thursday, 9 am to 4 pm

Fridays, 9 am to 2 pm

Appointments: 06871 - 9050


Temporarily in Dagstuhl

Till Neu

Ikonostasis (2008)

On loan from the artist.

The work consists of 48 plates and tells of heaven and hell on earth and the illustration of this theme in the arts.

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