Scientific Directorate

The Scientific Directorate (SD) is appointed by the Supervisory Board. It selects the appointees based on a recommendation by the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB). Altogether, the Scientific Directorate comprises fourteen personally appointed members. Associates nominate potential members according to the number of shares they are holding: four members from Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V. (GI German Informatics Society, two nominated by the GI Executive Board and two by the GI Advisory Board of University Professors GIBU), and one member each nominated from the other associates.

The recommendation for appointment by the SAB aims to ensure broadness and topical balance of scientific topics as they are represented by the members of the SD. Consequently, appointed members represent the informatics community rather than the associates by which they have been nominated.

The task of the Scientific Directorate is to implement the Center's designated purpose in a scientific and subject-matter capacity. It convenes twice a year, in so doing establishing the research and event program, ensuring the quality of the Center's offerings, and monitoring how the program is put into practice.


The honorary members of the Scientific Directorate are appointed by the Supervisory Board for a term of three years and can serve a second term. Members of the Scientific Directorate:



The following honorary members-at-large are proposed by the Scientific Advisory Board and appointed by the Supervisory Board for the purpose of rendering assistance and support to the Scientific Directorate in subject-matter areas not covered by it: