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The nearest airports


IATA- Code


Transfer to Dagstuhl

Distance from Dagstuhl

Driving time to Dagstuhl

Frankfurt am Main




190 km

120 min



European economy carriers

Bus, taxi, rental car

70 km

80 min



Berlin Hamburg Luxemburg

Train, then bus or taxi

80 km

50 min




Taxi direct or train via Trier

80 km

50 min

Arrival by Plane

Ground transportation from the airports

At Frankfurt Main Airport the "Frankfurt-Flughafen-Regiobahnhof" (Frankfurt Airport Regional Train Station) is located in the basement (level 0) of concourse B (terminal 1). Take the regional express (RE) from there to St. Wendel, or take the "S-Bahn" (urban train) to Mainz and then change to the regional express. The trains leave every hour. No advance booking needed. For further travel to St. Wendel, see Arrival By Train [1] .

How to get from Frankfurt Airport to Dagstuhl by car can be found here [2] .

Upon arriving at Frankfurt-Hahn Airport the best solution is taking a Taxi [3] . Reserving a Rental Car [4] is also suitable. If choosingBus and train [5] please be aware that it will take about 5 hours to arrive at Dagstuhl (for information on the train connections follow the link and enter "HHN Flughafen Hahn" as your departure station and "Dagstuhl Bahnhofstr., Wadern" as your arrival station).

Upon arriving at Saarbrücken Airport take the bus (Line R10) or a taxi to the Saarbrücken main train station, then continue to St. Wendel by train, bus or local taxi. (see Arrival by Train [6] )

Alternative: Order Taxi Martin [7] service from Wadern.  

Upon arriving at Luxembourg Airport order Taxi Martin [8] service from Wadern.

Alternative: Take a Rental Car [9] or come by bus & train via Luxemburg station, Trier and Merzig. (see Arrival by Train [10] )

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